Janitorial Services

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Your building or office is a window into the way that you conduct business. Maintaining a clean and tidy facility goes a long way towards presenting a professional image. CMC Janitorial offers general commercial cleaning services with the goal of helping your business make a great impression every time. We have been providing our services throughout the Buffalo NY area for over 35 years. Our employees are trained to provide nothing but the highest level of quality and service. We will treat your building or office as if it were our own and give it the sparkling look that it deserves.

General Area: Clean all desks and tabletops, dust all furniture and horizontal surfaces (window ledges, cubicle rims, shelving, etc.), dust wall items, disinfect phones and door knobs, high dusting, spot-clean interior glass, entry glass doors (inside and out, weather permitting), vacuum carpeted rooms & area rugs, mop floors, empty trash.


Kitchen Area: Disinfect countertops and sinks, microwave (inside and out), outsides of other appliances, wipe kitchen cabinets, clean tables & chairs, mop floors, empty trash.


Bathrooms: Disinfect countertops and sinks, toilets & urinals, door handles, stall walls and doors, mirrors, mop floors, replace paper products & soap (as needed), empty trash.

For house cleaning services, contact our affiliated company, Custom Maid at custommaid-inc.com

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